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Placing the Inverted L Among the Clutter

As of V.2023.09.20 ...

The separate articles for "Designing" and "Placing" an inverted L have been combined and rewritten in "Design/Place an Inv L". This reduces duplicated material, places logically sequential materials next to each other and improves reading flow.

Inside k2av.com, to take you to the combined article, click on any button. Or in the no-frames index, click on Design/Place an Inv L .

Previously saved external links to the "Place an Inv L" article do not need to be changed.

The "Design an Inv L" URL goes directly to the new combined material. The "Place an Inv L" URL goes to this forwarding reference so we don't cause broken links. If they wish, webmasters and readers may remove links to "Placing an Inv L" at their own convenience.

Inside the web site, the new combined article is referenced as "Design/Place an Inv L".


For our international readers, k2av.com now fully supports no-frames for browsers that don't translate text inside HTML frames. This includes a complete no-frames index. The frames version home page has a link to the no-frames index in the upper left corner. The no-frames index has a link to the k2av.com home page in frames mode (with the index buttons in the left margin).

Externally, the URL "k2av.com/NoFrameIndex.html" takes you directly to the no-frames web site index in no-frames mode.

Go to the combined "Design/Place an Inv L" article